Year 5 Chicken Blog

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Year 5 Chicken Blog

Year 5 have enjoyed welcoming the newest members of Woodchurch C of E Primary School: 8 chicken eggs! These ethically sourced eggs have already been well looked after meaning that they are due to hatch any day now! Members of Year 5 will be keeping this blog updated on a regular basis to let you know of any changes. At the moment, the eight eggs are nestled comfortably in their incubator at a cosy 37.5⁰c and we are keeping a close eye for any signs of change.

Year 5 Chicken Blog - 26.04.21

"We have set up the equipment for the eggs: they have their feeding station ready, their watering station and sleeping area. So far there hasn’t been any further hatching to the eggs itself. There are eight eggs at the moment but there is a chance that not all eight eggs will hatch." Alex.

Year 5 Chicken Blog - 27.04.21

"On Tuesday 27th April, we looked if we needed the re-top the water, which we did and then we checked the eggs and spotted if the eggs had start to crack. There was a small sign of hatching, one egg had started to get a hole, the chick is trying to peck out and we are all very excited." Kiarna

Year 5 Chicken Blog - 28.04.21

"On Wednesday 28th April, 1 of 8 chickens had hatched. It looked very wet and it looked like it didn’t have any feathers, but then when it spent time in the incubator it started to fluff up. We were all very excited when it hatched because it was the first chick that hatched. It was the oldest of them all and I wanted to call one of the chicks Bob." Nevaeh

Year 5 Chicken Blog - 29.04.21

"Today on Thursday 29th April, 5 new chickens hatched open. The chicks are now all doing well and are in a brooder cage. One of the eggs is in the process of getting out, we can see the beak poking through the egg shell." Matthew

Year 5 Chicken Blog - 30.04.21

"Sadly, on Friday 30th April one of our chicks, that had been trying to peck its way out of its shell, has passed away. It is very sad but it is also a part of creation and nature. Our last egg in the incubator has not hatched yet, but we don’t think it will hatch because there are no signs of cracks.

At least we still have our other 6 baby chicks alive and cosy in their nice new cage. There are two yellow chicks, one is brown and the rest are black. They are all fluffed up now and like to play around in their cage." Lexi


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