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Wirral Globe Feature

Wirral Globe Feature

On Monday 30th November 2020, Woodchurch C of E Primary School were featured in the Wirral Globe, as part of the "Full of Beans Fitness" initiative.

Here is the article:


Wirral Primary School Girls Keep Active On Fitness Programme

More than 40 primary schools across Wirral have been partaking in a fitness programme aimed at building young girls' confidence.

Wirral-based children’s fitness organisation, Full of Beans Fitness, has joined with Mini Mermaid Running Club UK to deliver a programme designed to preserve self-confidence of girls aged between 7-11 years old.

The Mini Mermaid programme uses a curriculum that combines mindfulness, physical activity, and games where girls learn about self-compassion, goal setting and the value of movement.

Founder of Full of Beans, Nicky Adam said: “I was thrilled to work with Mini Mermaid Running Club UK as they share the same values as Full of Beans and I knew we could together make positive changes in the lives of the children we work with.”

This week, Women in Sport carried out a two-day online forum focusing on primary aged girls and their engagement with sport and exercise.

It found that 66% of primary school girls say that there are barriers to them taking part in activity.

Mini Mermaids and Full of Beans have been helping tackle the epidemic of declining physical activity among girls, and the correlating impact on their emotional and mental well-being.

At the end of the programme, the girls participate in a 5km challenge where they set their own goals and celebrate their ability to work hard and persevere.

Nicky said: “Only this week after the 5km challenge, a girl said ‘If I can do this, I can do anything.’ There is no better feeling to know that you have contributed to helping change the mind set of these amazing children!”

Brian McGregor, Head teacher at Woodchurch CE Primary School in Wirral, which has been running the programme, said: “The girls who took part in Mini Mermaids with Full of Beans rounded off their sessions with a 5Km run around school.

"Though the distance was long they made it look easy. It was great to see how well they worked as a team encouraging one another.

"Mini Mermaids has been the ideal programme to provide for our girls, particularly during times like these. The girls not only became more physically-active, but they showed more self-confidence and believed that they could take on new challenges.

"Mini Mermaids definitely contribute to supporting their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing."


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Wirral Primary School Girls Keep Active On Fitness Programme


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