Wednesday 20th January 2021


When it was Dark

"When it was dark, you always carried the sun in your hand for me." Sean O'Casey

Our Autumn Term whole school Arts Project captured our experience of COVID 19 and lockdown. The children looked at the work of a range of artist including Anthony Gormley and Kelsey Brooks to see how experiences and feelings can be captured visually. The sequence of learning involved developing skills and experimenting with a range of materials and mixed media whilst at the same time investigating effects that impact on the eye and help convey a specific idea.

The children wanted to express the impact of isolation with a central human image immersed in a cold, blue background. They then chose the warm shades and tones of yellow, orange and red to emanate from the centre in order to represent love, hope and reaching out. Each panel was done separately before being combined to show how we came together as a family to support children, parents, carers, families and each other.