Saturday 16th January 2021


Positive Reading Culture

Our Year 5 class are working hard to promote a positive reading culture in school. Part of this is to put in place a Reading Shed on the school grounds.

To help them do this they have been looking for ways to raise money to help make this happen.

In the pictures you can see our Year 5 children taking ownership of our Recycle 4 School clothes bank. Recycle 4 School is a free fundraising scheme that helps schools, and other organisations, to raise funds in a way that is eco-friendly and educational, developing our pupils’ awareness of textile recycling while at the same time raising funds for school.

The children have started collecting good quality unwanted clothing by encouraging parents, children and staff to recycle their unwanted items. Hopefully it won’t be long before they have enough funds to have a Reading Shed, a special place for children to go to read during break times.