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Science Statement

At Woodchurch C of E, we aim to instil our pupils full of awe, wonder and curiosity about the world around them. Our science lessons ensure this is achieved through exciting, hands on lessons, encouraging children to question what they know and what they want to find out. In Key Stage 2 we endeavour to cover the three main areas of science: Biology(humans, animals and plants), Chemistry(all things to do with materials and how they change)  and Physics(forces, light, sound electricity and earth and space). In Key Stage 1 the focus is on Biology and  Chemistry

We use the ‘Science Bug’ programme of work as a basis for our lessons, which has been designed around the new curriculum and is full of exciting lessons to enthuse and nurture our scientists of the future.

Additional Section Relating to Developing Experts and The Great British Water Project:

Working alongside the Science Bug programme of work, we are currently trialling ‘Developing Experts’. Fully mapped against the National Curriculum and developed in collaboration with experts from industry and university, this programme of work is designed to aid delivery of science lessons packed full of fun science experiments and practical investigations that will wow in the classroom, as well as providing inspiring science lessons that can be accessed at home. Every lesson concludes with a simple hands-on activity designed to use everyday materials, plus every child and parent can revisit the lesson content from home.

We have an exciting project coming up in the Summer Term where we have registered to take part in the Great British Water Project, in conjunction with the Don Hanson Charitable Foundation. Alongside 634 other schools in the UK, the aim of the project is to undertake a series of fun, exciting and educational experiments over the summer term to showcase how we all can contribute to cleaner freshwater and drinking water across the UK! The Don Hanson Charitable Foundation hope that our participation in this project will help to reveal interesting information about freshwater habitats and drinking water across the UK.

Science Bug Unit Overview
Science Bug Unit Map with Learning Objectives

Biology Unit - Chemistry Unit - Physics Unit

  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
F2 What makes me, me? Which animals are nocturnal? Why are there so many leaves on the ground? What gives us light? What will we see on the moon? Where do aliens live? How many planets do we know? Why did Goldilocks prefer Baby Bear’s porridge?  Are all bears the same?    What can we do with water?
Which animal am I and where do I live? How and why do animals hide? What is a minibeast?
Year 1 Parts of animals. Changing Seasons Types of animals Identifying materials Comparing materials Plants
Year 2 Uses of materials Living Things Feeding and Exercise Habitats Changing Shape Plants
Year 3 Magnets and Forces Lights and shadows Movement and feeding Rocks and soils What plants need/parts of plants What plants need/parts of plants
Year 4 Dangers to living things Electricity Human Nutrition Sound Grouping Living Things Changes of State
Year 5 Separating Mixtures Types of change Materials Forces Life Cycles Earth In Space
Year 6 Our bodies Changing Circuits Light and Sight SATs Preparation Evolution and Inheritance Classifying Living Things


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