Collective Worship

"The school, through its distinctive Christian character, is outstanding at meeting the needs of all learners." (SIAMS)

Collective Worship

At Woodchurch CE we try to create, through worship, a real sense of belonging. We will provide a variety of opportunities to deepen our relationship with God and enable the whole community to contemplate the mystery of God. We aim to develop the necessary skills of:

  • reverence
  • contemplation
  • reflection
  • interpretation
  • empathy
  • meditation

which will enable our relationships with God to be deepened. Full participation in our faith will allow us:-

  • To grow in spiritual, moral, cultural and liturgical understanding;
  • To grow in understanding of our living faith tradition;
  • To develop a sense of awe, wonder and inspiration in the person of Christ;
  • To examine and reflect upon our own individual faith journeys;
  • To develop the skills of prayer.

In Collective Worship we give pupils the opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of the nature and elements of liturgy, e.g. empathy, silence, community, praise, song, prayer and meditation.

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