"The school, through its distinctive Christian character, is outstanding at meeting the needs of all learners." (SIAMS)


The key aim at Woodchurch C of E is to develop confident mathematicians who will be able to apply key learning into aspects of their everyday life as they move forward into adulthood. Mathematics in our school aims to enhance and develop key life skills including problem solving, reasoning, logical thinking and the ability to communicate clearly and concisely. Through the promotion of a positive mindset with regards to the subject, we hope to enhance the teaching of fluency, reasoning in problem solving in real life situations with an increased emphasis on the key need for financial education (through the LifeSavers programme) in our ever changing world with its increasing challenges.

At Woodchurch C of E, we believe a curriculum built around key concepts allows our children to develop mastery at their pace, allowing for consolidation of key facts. Using White Rose Mathematics, we aim to develop fluency, build conceptual understanding and embed reasoning through an enquiry-based approach. It provides a ‘light touch’ comprehensive structure that allows teaching staff to retain the control to adapt the timing and teaching activities to meet the needs of their own class. This means that we can focus our time and skills on teaching outstanding lessons in our own way tailored to the needs of each cohort. Carefully organised curriculum concepts are taught in a way to reinforce and extend understanding and make links between content areas.


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