The Curriculum

Woodchurch C.E Primary School holds the principles of ‘Every Child Matters’ at the centre of its curriculum planning. Not only do we support the child to ‘enjoy and achieve’, we aim to develop their ‘economic and social well being’.

Teaching and Learning is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure it fulfils the needs of the children, develops key skills and follows the Curriculum.� At Woodchurch C.E. Primary we strive to deliver a curriculum that celebrates excellence while at the same time is enjoyable. Through the ‘Creative Curriculum’ we make links between subjects and give the children the opportunity to develop key skills. Underpinning this is Assessment for Learning that involves the children in the tracking of their progress and setting targets for future personal development. The delivery of the curriculum through a ‘Mind Friendly’ approach enables personalised learning to take place as individual learning needs are catered for and particular teaching styles are allowed to flourish.

Children study all subjects in the new National Curriculum.� This includes Mathematics, English, Science, ICT (computer skills), History, Geography, Art, Music, Design Technology, Physical Education, Religious and Modern Foreign Languages.�