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Marking, Feedback and Guidance

MARKING, FEEDBACK and GUIDANCE focuses on furthering the child's learning. It should:


  • refocus or redirect the teacher's or learner's actions to achieve the learning outcome
  • Support and provide a record of progress
  • Be specific accurate and clear
  • Encourage effort
  • Be meaningful for the child
  • Give specific guidance on how to improve,

Feedback should be given in 3 ways (in decreasing order of importance):

  • Immediate feedback – 'spot' marking at the point of teaching
  • Summary feedback – at the end of a lesson/task
  • Review feedback – away from the point of teaching (incl. written comments)

✓ Make the Key Question specific (something that can be achieved in the lesson to show progress) and link to NC objectives.


✓ Highlight the Key Question in pink if the child has achieved it.
✓ Highlight good points in the child's work that relate to the KQ in pink.
✓ When verbal feedback is given write VF and if appropriate use the relevant marking code.
✓ Highlight in pink or green to show elements within the work that are correct or show the child their next steps/NAGs. As children mature, the expectation is that they will read the teacher's comment and rely less on a visual aid.
✓ Adults should initial the child's piece of work, so that it is clear who they have worked with/who has marked it. Indicate independent work with an 'I' in a cir-cle or support work with a T for teacher or TA for teaching assistant.


✓ If the KQ has been achieved and/or understood, in pink. When the KQ has been partially achieved and/or understood, highlight part of the KQ in pink.
✓ If it's been completely misunderstood or there is no evidence, leave it blank (don't highlight in green).
✓ Highlight in green in the work anything that goes against the KQ.
✓ Highlight in green no more than 3 NAG's (e.g. punctuation, spelling).
✓ NAG spellings (no more than 3) may be written at the bottom of the child's work for them to correct.
✓ When applicable in written comment, ask a question relating to the task which will aid improvement.
✓ Symbols such as ticks or highlighting of Key Question.


✓ Detailed written comments will be focussed for extended pieces of written work, or extended tasks.
✓ Written marking and comments that are accessible by and meaningful for the pupil
✓ Annotate planning for groups of pupils having a common need, teachers must adjust planning or grouping rather and provide a group written comment.
✓ 'Tickled Pink' achieved Learning Question and intended outcome indicating pupil is ready for the next stage in learning, the will be.


  • NC – National Curriculum
  • KQ – Key Question
  • NAG –
  • T – teacher
  • TA – Teaching Assistant
  • VF – Verbal Feedback

Marking codes for Pupils and Staff

Marking Code Meaning
  *a pupil has:
achieved a key element of success criteria
achieved the learning question
demonstrated knowledge, understanding or a skill
  Pupil Work needs:
further attention or
displays an error or misconception
review the learning question
RR Reactive response – children have not achieved and need further support
TS Teacher Supported
TAS Teaching Assistant Supported
VF Verbal Feedback in lesson
CL Capital Letter required
Sp Spelling
P Punctuation error
G Grammar error
I I Missing word
Arrow Number reversal
Teachers Initials Highlights the supporting adult for the session
SA Self-assessed
PA Peer assessed

Marking Codes for Pupils

Marking Code Meaning
  Well done!
You’ve achieved part of your success criteria and show us that you have understood.
  Have you misunderstood or could you improve your work in anyway – take another look. 
KQ is highlighted Pink Well done! You’ve really understood your work today!
KQ left blank Think – how did that lesson go – is there something I have misunderstood and need to try again.
RR There was something from my work today that I can improve further.
TS I worked with my teacher today
TAS I worked with my teaching assistant today
VF Verbal Feedback in lesson
The adults in my classroom gave me some advice about how to improve or what went well
Sp Spellings
CL Capital Letter required
Think, where do you need capital letters?
Start of a sentence/Proper nouns
P Punctuation error
G Grammar error
I I Missing word
Arrow Have you written a number the wrong way around? Can you correct it?
Teachers Initials Shows you who taught the lesson
GfG Do I have a challenge to extend my learning from last lesson? Remember, being challenged is a good thing.
SA Self-assessed
I marked my work myself
PA Peer assessed
I worked with a partner or group to check my work


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